Monday, August 23, 2010

Computer Networking Degree in Sri Lanka

Computer networking is a field with very high salary scales and which is an area that has a high demand for jobs as well. Unfortunately it is not easy to find  a degree program specially aimed at computer networking in Sri Lankan universities. Most of the time it is done by some private university in affiliation with some foreign university. This is not a bad thing considering that you are getting a foreign degree but the downside is it will cost you much more than doing a degree in Sri Lanka.
E-Soft pathways offers a computer networking degree in affiliation with Coventry university. If you are interested then you can visit there online inquiries page and select B.Eng (Hons) in Computer networking and communication technologies to get further information. You can mention the coupon code 1709 to get a 5% discount. Visit the online inquiry page.
Another university that offers a computer networking degree is Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology which is popularly known as SLIIT. They are giving this in affiliation with Curtin University of Australia. You have the option of doing the first two years at SLIIT in Sri Lanka and going to Australia to complete the degree. You also have the option of completing everything here at Sri Lanka.
As you can see most computer networking degrees in Sri Lanka are offered with affiliation with some foreign university and as of this moment it is just about the only way you can get a networking degree here in Sri Lanka.


  1. (computer networking) at UNIVOTECH.


  3. B.Sc. in Information Technology (Networking and Mobile Computing) at Horizon Campus.


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