Wednesday, January 5, 2011

British Degree in Sri Lanka

For an average Sri Lankan getting a British degree is not easy, especially if you have to travel to England to get it. This was the case before the private universities came up and only the elite in the society had the money to afford a British degree. But with opening of private universities affiliated with various British universities it has become possible for Sri Lankans to get a UK degree for the fraction of the cost it will cost in UK. Universities like Sri Lanka Institute of Technology gives you the chance complete there normal course for the first two years and then move to England to do only the final year and get the degree. Needless to say that this cuts down to cost in a huge amount. Some private universities offer the whole UK universities program with guest lecturers coming from time to time for visits. Because of the Internet online exams can be held thus reducing the need to go abroad for final exams etc. This is especially true for IT degrees since multiple choice questions etc can be done easily online.
Another reason why more and more private universities are offering British degrees is the certification of degree programs. There are certifications like Edexcel that standardize a program and rates its quality. One of the biggest reasons British universities didn't offer degrees from Sri Lankan universities was the poor standards maintained by the private universities and the inability to measure the quality of the local degree programs. But nowadays universities can improve there program and get Edexcel qualification and then build affiliations with foreign universities.
SLIIT, APIIT,IIT are few of the private universities that offer British degrees in Sri Lanka. When it comes to cost SLIIT is the most affordable since you can follow the SLIIT programs for the first two years and then go abroad for the final year only. Other than degree programs they offer MSc and MBA programs as well, making it easier to get a degree from a well recognized foreign university.
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